IoT Hacking Course

I want to announce my new course that was published – Ethical Hacking: Hacking IoT Devices

Course Description:
The number of IoT (internet of things) devices being deployed is growing exponentially and securing those devices is a huge challenge. In this course, Luciano Ferrari discusses how IoT devices work, including the architectures and protocols used. He covers the main attack surfaces used by hackers and security professionals against IoT devices, how to assess IoT security threats and vulnerabilities, and how to properly secure the devices by following industry best practices and implementing countermeasures.

Topics Include:
How IoT devices work
IoT technologies and protocols
IoT communication models
Common OWASP vulnerabilities
Overcoming inherent IoT challenges
Attacks occurring on IoT devices
Methodologies used for hacking
Securing IoT devices

35m 22s

It’s now available on LinkedIn Learning:

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