Mac users for many years were proud to say they don’t need to use anti-virus because there is no virus for mac. Is this statement true? And is this still valid nowadays?

This is true that Mac’s were one of the “safest” Operational System in the past but this classification was a quite distorted. The reality is that virus makers always tried to maximize their attacks and considering most of the operational systems used in the past were PCs with Windows, they created much more viruses for Windows. So we need to better understand what meant safe in the past.
What happened now is that there is a increasing number of Mac OS been used on homes and hackers know that and are starting changing their focus a little bit. According to a Russian anti-virus vendor, about 600.000 Macs were exposed with Trojans and Apple has recently released the patches against it.
So if you have Mac and you still think you are safe, you better think twice. I did a research and have many friends that helped me collecting a list of Mac Antivirus for free that you can select by your own. Follow the list I particularly ranked:
2) iAntivirus –
3) ClamXav –
Luciano Ferrari

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