It’s been long gone the days when we had to roll up our sleeves and get our hands on finding vulnerable systems and applications to crack just for the fun of it. Companies now made out a real market of it. Instead of just keeping a high cost maintained software test crew to hunt for bugs, companies have chosen to open those operations for private professionals and consultants hoping they can find bugs more easily, and obviously with much less money being spent.

Big companies like Google and Facebook , as many others, have free open bug bounty programs available in which you can sing in for a bug hunt. Any skill is valuable as programming (in many different languages), reverse engineering, social engineering (why not ?), data crawling, in the hunt for the golden bug. :)

For Pentesters that want to make their break in the market or for more experienced professionals that want write their names in history, the majority of this programs even have a HALL OF FAME, in which your name is written with honour for find certain bugs. Bug findings can even be awarded in cash.

Here is a small list of the most well known Bug Bounty Programs. Have you ever wondered why you study so much and yet is always broken ? Now is your turn to put your brains up for cash. Have fun.

And remember, if you ever get rich doing this, please remember me $)

Company Website OBS:
Bug Crowd Bug Bounty Aggregator
BugSheet List Other Great List
Google Award
Facebook White Hat
Microsoft Bounty
Active Prospect
Active Campaing
99 Designs
123 Contact Form


If you have knowledge of other lucrative bug bounty programs, please let us know.

Have fun !!!

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