One of the biggest new features of Apple’s new iPhone 5S smartphone is its high-tech fingerprint sensor called Touch ID. But it looks like it can read more than just human skin.
TechCrunch tried out the sensor on a cat’s paw and successfully unlocked the device. Just like with human fingerprints, the paw would have to be programmed to the iPhone 5S for access. Check out the video above to watch how it worked.

The Touch ID sensor reportedly works on other parts of the human skin, too, including the palm of the hand and forearm.
Several security concerns surround the fingerprint sensor, but we haven’t seen any full hacks just yet. However, a group of hackers and security researchers have pledged to reward the first successful hacker with $13,000, more than $800 worth of Bitcoin, a pornographic book and a few bottles of wine, tequila, bourbon and whiskey.
A Wall Street Journal report last week revealed that if you leave your iPhone 5S untouched for 48 hours straight, you won’t be able to use the device’s fingerprint scanner to wake it up. Instead, you’ll need to resort to the more traditional method of plugging in your passcode. The same goes for logging into your phone after a reboot.

Image: TechCrunch
Via Mashable

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