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LufSecExplore Lufsec new cyber security website to help you find the information you need. It’s made for you that is a security professional, hacker, penetration tester or if you are just a curious or beginner. I encourage you to contribute giving your feedback so we can add more stuff here and make it more valuable for you.

We are not trying to sell anything (but you are welcome to take one of our online courses ;-)) we are providing links to learn for free on many different platforms, everything related to cyber security. How to practice for penetration testing, latest vulnerabilities, updated reports to use on risk management, news from many different sources and more!

I wanted to change it so to make it beyond just a blog and to be a place where you can go to find what you need if it relates to cyber security. I would love if you could browse around and provide me your feedback. If you would like to add anything hereĀ  please do so adding a comment to this post.

I hope we can start a conversation soon. Enjoy it!

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