by Brad Chacos, LAPTOP Contributor  

Have your iOS and Mac apps acting been behaving badly in recent days? You aren’t the only one. The Verge claims that the super-stable Apple App Stores may, in fact, not be so stable at the moment after hearing reports of corrupt app updates being pushed out. The corrupt updates cause the affected applications to crash immediately when you try to launch them.
The Verge first heard about the issue from Instapaper creator Marco Arment, who began receiving reports of the latest version of his app crashing even though the build he’d submitted to Apple was rock solid. He did some investigating and found that other apps were suffering from the same problem. The Verge was able to recreate the issue with the PDX Bus and Angry Birds Space HD Free apps, but other apps Arment mentioned have already regained stability.

The GoodReader for iPad app has been hit with corruption glitches from Apple’s end twice now. “According to GoodReader’s creators the problem stems from an encryption issue on the App Store side, resulting in customers receiving binaries that iOS refuses to launch,” the Verge’s Bryan Bishop writes.
If one of your Mac or iOS apps becomes corrupt and starts crashing after being updated, Ament told the Verge that the only way to fix it — for now, at least — is to fully delete the app, then reinstall a clean version. Apple already seems to be working through the issue, but you may want to put off today’s updates to give the company time to clear out the corrupt cobwebs.

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