Hackers: Can you stop them?

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Story Created: Feb 22, 2013

Story Updated: Feb 22, 2013
MILWAUKEE- There seem to be more and more cases of hackers breaking into systems all over the world.
Recently, major corporations like Burger King have become victims of cyber intrusions.
The fast food giant had their twitter hacked and the culprit posted that the company was sold to McDonald’s.
Locally, Froedtert Hospital said that a computer virus may have allowed an unauthorized person to access patient files back in December.
According to a press release the hospital learned about the hacking on December 14th. The hospital worked with a computer forensics company to investigate the breach of the system.
CBS 58 spoke with a hacking group called DEFCON 414 or DC414.
DC414 is considered a white hat hacking group, or more simply, good hackers.
They said they hack for the greater good of security, to find failures in systems, or to rebuild things better than they were before.
According to the group, Bad hackers are called Black Hats, or crackers. They hack for profit or malicious intent.
DC414 member “Anarchy Angel” told CBS 58 there are far more black hats than white hats.
He called China the biggest black hat. He added they have teams of people who have the job of only trying to hack into systems throughout the world.
They believe China could start a war, not with guns or bombs, but online.
Another DC414 member, “Ngharo”, suggests people make sure to stay current with the software updates, use a more secure web browser other than Internet Explorer, and try not to just click “Yes” anytime you get a pop-up.
He said about 75 percent of attacks can be prevented.
Anarchy Angel said modems are notorious for online exploitation.
Check out DC414.org or more information on hacking or to contact the group.

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