By Neha Prakash
Apple‘s new iPhone 5S features the latest in phone-unlocking security: a fingerprint scanner.
The company announced that its Touch ID fingerprint sensor would read fingerprints at a highly detailed level, boasting a capacitive sensor at 170 microns thin and a 500 ppi resolution. It’s James Bond-level technology that could revolutionize lock screens.

While some rejoiced at the advancement in phone security, one Reddit user’s clever daughter knew there was a simple flaw in this new tech.

Redditor iZeeHunter posted the image Wednesday, along with the caption: “The new iPhone 5S provides unmatched security with its new Fingerprint lock, which makes your personal data even harder to reach!”

Apple should probably hire the little girl pictured, who is wearing a mischievously adorable grin, to examine future products for security breaches.

Via Mashable

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