WordPress: Hacking & Vulnerabilities

WordPress Security

by Luciano Ferrari

The number of WordPress users is 76.5 million, representing 26% of all websites globally. Fifty thousand new WordPress websites are added daily. It’s a very versatile and friendly content management system that is used by Fortune 500 companies, like eBay, GM and Reuters News. Those impressive numbers place WordPress as one of the most popular web platforms of the world. The reason? Probably because it’s free through their open source platform, ease of use, the high number of plugins developed, high number of people that know how to use it and their nice options for themes.  But those advantages can bring at least one very important con. Because of its popularity it’s been a very common target for hackers. Lots of malware and exploits are created targeting WordPress websites and, unfortunately, WordPress website administrators are not being very diligent in taking care of security.


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LufSec is helping customers to secure their websites providing fixes for malwares, executing penetration and vulnerability testings and consulting to improve security on their website. We are happy to announce this first press release and I hope you enjoy it.

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