By Luciano Ferrari

My laptop felt last week and after that the hard drive was not been recognized any more by Windows 7. Of course I have backup but I would like to recover at least 3 files that I were not with the lates update on the backup. So I realized it’s really hard to recover when you have encryption enabled on the disk (BitLocke). The “repair-bde” command was not leaving from 1%. I tried to use the top two other tools to recover the data but was not able to after 36 hours.

After that I have decided to put my hard drive on the freezer. I left it there for 4 hours. After that I just plugged in and Windows recognized it. It said it found bad sectors and recommended running chkdks. It runned for about 12 hours and all my data was there! I was able to recover the whole Hard Disk. . I realized that by freezing the hard drive, you shrink the platters enough that they’re no longer rubbing up against the head temporarily, at least.

It worked with me, it can work for you. So don’t give up!

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