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HID Global, the US-based identity security product company, has completed its second mobile access control pilot with RFI Communications & Security Systems at Netflix, the internet subscription service for TV series and films. For the latest project, pilot participants used the HID Mobile Access solution on a variety of Samsung and Apple smartphones with Bluetooth Smart communications channels, and used HID Global’s patented “Twist and Go” gesture technology as a way to open doors.

Amy Dee, director of procurement and facilities with Netflix, said: “We were pleased with the results of our initial pilot in 2012 with HID Global and RFI, which validated the benefits of mobile access control for physical enterprise security. Our latest 2014 project really illustrates how far mobile access control has come over the last couple of years. The HID Mobile IDs and HID Mobile Access App are extremely easy to use, and HID Global’s mobile-enabled readers meet all the needs of our demanding enterprise environment. We also found that the HID Secure Identity Services portal is easy to use, making identity management a very simple and secure process.”

The 2014 pilot saw the use of Bluetooth Smart, whereas NFC was the only short-range communication technology available for mobile access control during the 2012 Netflix pilot. Adding support for Bluetooth Smart enables mobile access control to be used with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, without the need for accessories, the firms say. Bluetooth Smart also delivers a longer connection range, which, with HID Global’s patented “Twist and Go” gesture, makes it possible to open doors and gates while driving or walking up to a mobile-enabled reader by rotating the smartphone.

Powered by Seos, the HID Mobile Access solution worked with the Netflix access control system from AMAG, and HID Global’s mobile-enabled iCLASS SE readers let participants to use Mobile IDs as well as their HID Prox keyfobs and MicroProx Tags.

Brad J Wilson, CPP, President and COO, RFI Enterprises, Inc, said: “HID Global has established a true ecosystem for mobile access control that, in turn, has created the opportunity for partners like RFI to enter new markets where we can deliver important new capabilities and customer value. As an HID Advantage Platinum Partner, it has been extremely valuable working with HID Global on this ground-breaking pilot. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with a company that has great vision and the critical ability to anticipate and help lead industry developments that require the highest levels of trust and authentication.”

According to Adrian Noriega, the RFI field project manager who installed HID Mobile Access for the Netflix pilot, the HID Mobile Access Configuration Application was used to configure the Bluetooth Smart portion of the iCLASS SE reader so that users could tap their smartphone to it or rotate (twist) the device as they approached it.  Installing the HID Mobile Access App on participants’ phones was he said quick and trouble-free.

Noriega said: “Once participants received the invitation code, they were able to use the App with ease. Also, having the ability to use the ‘Twist and Go’ feature was very convenient for pilot participants.  This solution really represents technology at its best, and the next step in security and convenience for access control.”

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