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Do you want to try hacking some IoT devices but need help knowing where to start? LufSec just released a brand-new course – IoT Penetration Testing. It’s a hands-on course with many challenges that you can try alone or follow the videos.

After the success of the Ethical Hacking: Hacking IoT Devices course from LinkedIn, I decided to build a more advanced course with more dense theory and demo/hacking sessions. 

We go over some soldering basics, including SMD soldering, hacking a doorbell, a gate, firmware extraction, backdoors, a smart padlock, a smart door lock, and so much more!

As we are in the holiday season, we are giving a 20% discount for those who purchase the course before Christmas Eve. You don’t need a coupon code or anything like that. It will automatically be applied to your checkout.

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The content of the course includes:

  • OS Used for Hacking IoT devices
  • Hardware & Tools
  • Software & Applications
  • BOM & Shopping List Used on this Course
  • Soldering Basics
  • How to Use a Multimeter
  • FCC and Datasheets are Your Friends
  • Detecting Pinout of UART Interfaces
  • Detecting Pinout of JTAG Interfaces
  • Extracting Firmware from SPI Interface
  • Hardware Hacking Challenge
  • Hardware Challenge Solution
  • Introduction to Firmware Analysis
  • Binwalk and File Systems
  • Finding Firmware Vulnerabilities
  • Firmware Analysis Automation
  • Firmware Hacking Challenge
  • Firmware Challenge Solution
  • Introduction to SDR
  • Setting Up your SDR Lab
  • Analyzing Radio Signals
  • SDR Hacking Challenge
  • SDR Hacking Solution
  • Introduction to BLE
  • Discovering and Interacting with BLE Devices
  • BLE Hacking Challenge
  • BlE Challenge Solution
  • Introduction to Zigbee
  • Setting Up your Zigbee Lab
  • Analyzing Zigbee Traffic
  • Zigbee Hacking Challenge
  • Zigbee Challenge Solution

Looking forward to getting you enrolled soon! 
Merry Christmas and Happy Hacking!


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