If this is your concern as well, LufSec can provide you tools, methods and consulting services to increase your anonymity.

There are particular reasons you may be concerned about privacy:

  • You don’t want to be tracked
  • You don’t want websites you visit been recorded
  • You don’t want the government reading your email
  • You want to make anonymous comments on forums or blogs
  • You read controversial materials online
  • You are involved with political activism
  • You live in a censured country
  • You are worried about being sued

Did you know your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be logging every website you access and email that you send? And that they often keep this information for years? No law says they have to get rid of it.

They sometimes even sell this information to the highest bidder (marketing companies or others). There is no law against that, either.

Anonymity is your right! Contact LufSec today to request a quote. The servers we offer are in package levels according to the table below:


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