Source code and prebuild executables are available on github at

OK, it’s not that easy… you must have the application running and unlocked to exploit it and use DLL injection which is not a trivial method. But at a minimum it proves password managers are not perfect. If this can be done in your environment, you really have issues. And there are much simpler ways to achieve the same result. For example, a tool could send simulated keypresses to the KeePass window to export the data to a file (e.g. press Alt+F, E, Tab, Space, …). Before that, a screenshot could be created and displayed above all windows in order to hide this procedure (and a user probably would not notice a screen freeze of one second).

The repository at github says the tool works on version 2.x but don’t mention nothing about version 1.x. But someone could easily change the code to make it work on version 1.x. Also, it could also be changed to target other password managers. It’s just a matter of time and coding.




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