US accused of launching cyberattack against French government

It’s common to hear attacks coming from China, Russia, and even from US but not between two allies. It’s not common to see this on the news even we can believe it may happen. Because two countries are allies it doesn’t mean there are no spy activity between them. We are living on a real world, don’t be ingenuous. During presidential election in France, a Flame like malware was set to target high level officials to the president Sarkozy by US. At least this is what they claim. You can see the details from reports at the “The Verge” – US embassy is denying all accusation, but the allegation is that US was trying to evaluate if France is still an ally after changes on political and financial scenario. Interesting was that was said the only reason Sarkozy itself was not targeted is because he do not own a computer. What a smart gentleman, isn’t it?
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