Hacking with Google is fun, and it is more entertaining when you can hunt down malware with the Google Search Engine. Google has multiple methods available to find content, you can use Google Dorks or you can create Google Alerts but you can also use the Google Image search option to find malware on the internet, all you need is a image that Google can use to identify the same image on other websites that are serving the malware. 
Finding malware
Lets take the following malware as an example, we have been tracking Facebook malware for two weeks now, in our search we found the generator and various other websites that are serving the Facebook malware. Now if you take a look at the image above, you will see that we used a Google Dork query to find malicious websites. 
Google Malware found
Google Malware 2
Google Malware 3
Alright, so we got multiple hits, lets take one website that is serving the malware and examine the code so we can find more websites that are serving this kind of malware. 
Take a look at the code
If you take a look at the source code you will see that the malware is using pictures. We grab one of those pictures. 
Grab picture
Now we take the URL of the picture and we paste it in the Google Image search option. 
Search picture
Google Search by image
Hit the search by image button and wait for Google to query their database. Once the query is finished you will see a list of potential websites that are serving the same malware. 
More malware found
Let us know if this method helped you in your search to find malware. With this method we found the following list of malware. 

by CWZ via cyberwarzone

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