How long since you took a hard look at your cybersecurity?

The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is back. Now in its tenth year, it’s an unparalleled source of information on cybersecurity threats.

The big data breach trends — in just 15 minutes

Are you gambling with your future?

If you haven’t suffered a cybersecurity breach you’ve either been incredibly well prepared, or very, very lucky. Are you incredibly well prepared?

Whether it’s design plans, medical records or good, old-fashioned payment card details — someone, somewhere will see it as their meal ticket. Most cybercriminals are not fussy about who they steal from.

You could be the next victim of a data breach. And that could impact every part of your business. That’s why everyone in your company — not just the security experts — needs to understand the threats and how to mitigate them.

The 2017 DBIR will put you on the right track. But if you’re pushed for time, read our executive summary for all the key findings and our top tips.

Read the full 2017 DBIR

Understanding the threats you face is the key to effective cyber security.

The 2017 DBIR reveals what’s really happening in cyber security. This year’s report is based on analysis of over 40,000 incidents, including 1,935 confirmed data breaches. That means you get a detailed insight into the cyber security threats you face.

Read the report and discover:

The biggest cyber security threats in your sector and what you can do to mitigate them.
Who’s behind the attacks and how they’re getting in.
What motivates the cybercriminals.
How nine incident patterns can help you predict what the cybercriminals will do next.
No system is 100% secure. But understanding the threats you face will help you improve your security. Cybercriminals are using all the information they can get hold of to up their game — you should too.

Read the full report clicking here

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