Windows XP Virtual Image File for Pentesters Students

Did you already tried to follow a hacking tutorial from a book that uses  Windows XP as a target victim machine but got stuck there because you could never find a Windows XP image to use?

Have you spend hours looking for a Windows XP virtual image or even an ISO file? OK, so great news for you if you are just trying to find a Windows XP virtual image for hacking tests or if you really need to test something or you are just missing Windows XP too much that you just want to hear that login chime again and see the green field by yourself. 🙂

Whatever is your case I created a clean Windows XP image that you can use and you just have to follow the instructions on my GitHub page:

But remember to be careful using this machine as Windwows XP is not support by Microsoft for a long time ago and it’s full of vulnerabilities! Use it with care!

If you just need the direct link to download it you can find it here from my Google Drive:

Enjoy it and happy hacking!


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